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Rapid Recursive® 1.3 Released

Supported Intelligence, LLC has just released Version 1.3 of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox for MATLAB. The Toolbox provides tools that compose, error-check, and solve sequential decision problems, and report the results in a clear manner. The patent-pending Rapid Recursive® Toolbox is the only commercial product of its kind, and provides skilled users with the ability to solve numerous problems in business strategy, finance, investment, economic analysis, and many other fields. Some of the innovative uses of this software include analysis of the Affordable Care Act and business hiring decisions, modeling of a retailer’s promotional strategy, and valuation of a local startup company.

Version 1.3 includes a number of new functionalities, such as:

  • The first-in the world ability to calculate and visualize the likely path of the subject of a solved sequential decision problem.
  • Greatly improved debugging features, including the ability to quickly visualize the reward and transition matrices for a given problem.
  • Improvements to the layout and output of all Solution Templates.
  • Updated graphics throughout the toolbox that make use of the new graphics system in MATLAB® R2014b.
  • The ability to quickly open a blank outline of a Solution Template, which provides a structure and instructions for creating a new recursive model.
  • The convertdiscount function, which converts a discount factor from an annual basis to a shorter basis as deemed appropriate by the user.
  • A new function to keep your MATLAB® workspace clean when working with recursive models.


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