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Supported Intelligence Announces Jeff Johnson as VP and COO

Jeff Johnson
Supported Intelligence, LLC is pleased to announce that Mr. Jeffrey P. Johnson has been named Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Supported Intelligence, LLC.
“Jeff’s leadership led to the successful development, testing, and deployment of Version 1.3 of our breakthrough Rapid Recursive® Toolbox,” said Patrick L. Anderson, the firm’s Founder and Executive Chairman. “His managerial skills were on display throughout that 12 month process, and will serve both him and the company well as Jeff moves into this new role.”
Mr. Johnson joined Supported Intelligence in February 2013. Since that time he has authored two technical papers and a chapter in the Solutions Manual and Reference for the Economics of Business Valuation demonstrating applications of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox in such fields as business valuation, microeconomics, and military targeting. Jeff is also a named inventor on a recently-filed U.S. patent application for the composition and solution of sequential decision problems with multidimensional states. Prior to being named VP and COO, Jeff served as Lead Developer for Supported Intelligence. Mr. Johnson is a graduate of Michigan State University, where he earned a BS in Economics and a BA in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy.