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We build innovative, powerful, and reliable software around the recursive method, which mimics the way people naturally think about decision problems. We developed and now market the first commercial products in the world to rely upon this method, which provides demonstrably superior results when compared to traditional decision analysis methods.


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The critical innovations underpinning our software emerged from trial-and-error experimentation by Patrick Anderson during the years 2003 through 2010. During this time, he attempted to compose and solve simple business and investment problems using a recursive model, often cobbled together from available bits of open-source code. These efforts failed repeatedly, until he was able to introduce a number of advances in the method of composing, mathematically formulating, and error-checking a decision model. Using these, he finally demonstrated the first working prototype of a recursive decision program to his colleagues at the consulting firm Anderson Economic Group.

They then commissioned independent market and feasibility research in an effort to assess the potential for a new commercial product embodying these innovations. Among the findings of that research was the feasibility of creating a commercial product and the challenge of introducing a revolutionary product into a market that had no immediate category for it.

With this research and a working prototype in hand, Patrick L. Anderson and Anderson Economic Group LLC formed Supported Intelligence LLC in 2012. The phrase “supported intelligence” distinguishes our products from “artificial intelligence,” and is consistent with the presentation of our products as helping people use the information they already have, rather than simply allowing computers to make decisions for them.

The new company retained both an experienced CTO and a lead developer, and announced its intention of making the first product, oriented to a limited power-user audience, before the end of 2012. The company met that goal by introducing the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox for MATLAB® in late December, 2012. It has steadily improved that product and released subsequent versions in 2012 and 2013, and in August 2014 began offering industry-specific Application Packs.


Intellectual Property

Supported Intelligence, LLC makes continuing efforts to protect its intellectual property. To date, these efforts have resulted in two US utility patent applications (US 13/486,691 and US 14/458,209); copyrights on publications, and on the source code for multiple versions of the Rapid Recursive Toolbox; and trademarks, including US registered trademarks on both “Supported Intelligence” and “Rapid Recursive.”


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