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Supported Intelligence, LLC develops innovative, powerful, and reliable decision analytic software based on the patent-pending Rapid Recursive® method. This method solves complex decision problems by mimicking the way humans think. Our product and service offerings currently include the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, a set of Application Packs, Customization Services, and Training options.



The Rapid Recursive® Toolbox

The Rapid Recursive® Toolbox for MATLAB® allows users to compose, error-check, solve, and report the results of sequential decision problems using recursive methods. Users benefit from a variety of features, including:

  • Powerful modeling of decision problems involving uncertainty over time
  • A set of included solution templates for easy user-adaption
  • Graphical User Interfaces for selected solution templates
  • Robust solution algorithms
  • Extensive error-checking and input validation features
  • A complete User’s Guide
  • A set of available technical papers showing sample applications
  • Service Desk support
  • A 90-day limited warranty

The toolbox is the basis for all our other products and services, including application packs, customization services, and training services.

Visit the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox page to learn more, get a free trial, or purchase the software.


Application Packs

Application Packs are add-on tools for the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox that enable our users to tackle industry-specific decision problems. Every Application Pack consists of at least one solution template and several utilities tailored to users in a specific industry. We plan to provide application packs for various industry-specific problems, including:

  • Public policy analysis
  • Retail marketing strategy
  • Inventory optimization
  • Threat assessment

Visit our main Application Packs page to learn more.




Customization Services

Supported Intelligence also provides special modeling and customization services to meet the specific requirements of your company or project. We will also, possibly in conjunction with our consulting partners, provide necessary and related data analysis.

For more information on how we can help your company, please visit our Customization Services page.


Training Services

We offer helpful training services to ensure that users understand both the methodology and the mechanics behind the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. Our training services to get you and your team up and running with the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox include:

  • Installation help
  • Presentations covering the necessary theory and methods
  • Discussions of modeling techniques

Click here to learn more about our training services.


Support Services

We provide Service Desk and other related support services for the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox and Application Packs. Click here to learn more about our support services.


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