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Our team provides custom model development for support in risk assessment, valuation, and strategic decision-making. Our fully customized solutions use the Rapid Recursive® methodology to account for asymmetric risk, real options, management opportunities and flexibility, and other factors that are vital to decision makers in dynamic and risky markets. Rapid Recursive® solutions harness your organization’s knowledge in ways traditional models simply cannot.

Expert customization and consulting allows our solutions to incorporate proprietary data and management policies in a manner that speeds decision making, captures organizational knowledge, and puts you ahead of your competition. Customized solutions by Supported Intelligence range from adaptation of bundled solution templates to the creation of entirely unique models designed to meet your specific needs. Our experts will work with you to determine the exact specifications and objectives for your model and to deliver an accurate, usable solution.

We offer customization services in a number of different industries, including:


Retail Marketing

  • Determining the optimal marketing strategy for different segments of customers.
  • Calculating a customer’s lifetime value to your business, and providing recommendations on how to optimize that value.

Inventory Managegment

  • Determining the optimal inventory ordering policy for your business given past, current, and expected demand for specific products.
  • Determining the optimal time to restock your shelves to maximize the value of your inventory.


  • Value of an investment opportunity, when real options or asymmetric risks are present.
  • Value of an operating business, when management has the opportunity to increase or decrease investment in new product or marketing expenses.
  • Franchise and franchisee valuation decisions.
  • Valuation of Intangibles Asset and Intellectual Property Valuation; Valuation for Estate and Gift Tax Purposes; ESOP Valuations.
  • Value of start-up companies.
  • Value of technology investments subject to commercialization and other risks.

Risk Assessment

  • Evaluate asymmetric risks, including the risks of significant losses from natural disasters or man-caused events.
  • Evaluate the most effective risk mitigation or risk avoidance strategies.
  • Legal and regulatory risk evaluations.
  • Investment portfolio valuation where “black swan” risks exist.

Strategic Decision Support

  • Incorporate the many real options that exist in actual business situations, such as the opportunity to grow, re-invest, and to wait until the proper time to make an investment.
  • Recognize the ability to scrap a project if a pilot investment has not generated sufficient demand.
  • Take into account the costs of changing course.
  • Properly value a business’ ability to increase the scale of an investment if the size of the market or demand for the product increases faster than expected.

We understand that some organizations have different technical abilities and desires. Experts from Supported Intelligence will design a model that matches your organization’s technical objectives. We are happy to develop a solution with you and provide ongoing support by running the model and sending you a report of the results; or, if your organization prefers, we will provide you with the necessary training to operate your solution independently. All customized solutions from Supported Intelligence include a license to the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, as well as help desk support for the duration of this license.

You may also be interested in a brochure about the customization and consulting services we provide with our accredited consulting partners.


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If you are interested in how Supported Intelligence can help create customized models for you today, please email sales@supportedintelligence.com or call (517) 333-7024.


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