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Supported Intelligence offers customized classes to ensure that our users understand both the recursive methodology and the mechanics behind the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. Our classes can accommodate one to ten or more users with similar technical backgrounds.

Introductory Training Sessions

Our typical training session consists of two 3-hour sessions, with the first covering the benefits, theory, and history of recursive methods and the second detailing the use of these methods with the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. By the end of these sessions, attendees are able to identify sequential decision problems, consider the appropriate structure for solving these problems recursively, and adapt one of our solution templates or create a new model using the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox to solve these problems.

Depending on your familiarity with MATLAB®, we can also include an overview of how to complete the tasks that will be most helpful when composing recursive models.

Advanced Training Sessions

For experienced users of the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, we offer additional seminars to meet your specific needs. Sample topics for these sessions include approximating continuous state spaces and working with multidimensional state spaces. If you have specific questions or topics that you would like more training on regarding the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox, we would be happy to set up a customized session.

Virtual and On-site Training
Both the introductory and advanced training sessions are available on-site or virtually. When requesting training services (see below) please specify whether you would like an on-site or virtual session.


Requesting Training Services

We strive to provide beneficial training classes that are tailored to the intended uses and technical knowledge of the audience. If you are interested in such a session, please contact us at support@supportedintelligence.com or (517) 333-7024 to discuss your customized class today.


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