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SmartBracket’s Performance throughout the 2015 Tournament

This page documents the performance of the official SmartBracket™ throughout the 2015 tournament. We show SmartBracket’s percentile relative to all other entrants in ESPN’s tournament challenge at the end of each day of games. We also provide analysis of SmartBracket™’s performance in the public Beat SmartBracket™ ESPN Tournament Challenge group, as well as SmartBracket’s performance against selected celebrity brackets.

SmartBracket™ was successful in three key contests in the 2015 Tournament!
SmartBracket™ ranked above the 75th percentile nationally and was the front runner in both small pools it entered for the majority of the tournament,
and won 2 out of 3 head-to-head contests with celebrity brackets!


SmartBracket’s performance against Celebrity Brackets

SmartBracket™ has designed custom brackets to take on The Presidential Bracket, Dick Vitale’s Bracket, and The FiveThirtyEight Bracket. We expect SmartBracket to win many, but not all of these contests. This year, SmartBracket™ met its expectations exactly. We congratulate SmartBracket for winning 2 out of 3 of these head-to-head contests! Click here to see SmartBracket’s custom-designed brackets.


SmartBracket’s National Percentile

The chart below shows SmartBracket’s percentile within the ESPN Tournament Challenge at the end of each day listed. To see SmartBracket™ in the ESPN Tournament Challenge, including the current standings, click here.


Round of 2

April 6

Percentile: 52.2

Round of 4

April 4

Percentile: 53.8



Round of 16

March 26

Percentile: 85.8

March 27

Percentile: 84.8

Particularly valuable picks include Gonzaga, Wisconsin and Arizona.

Round of 8

March 28

Percentile: 93

March 29

Percentile: 75.9

Particularly valuable picks include Wisconsin and Kentucky.


Round of 64

March 19

Percentile: 92

March 20

Percentile: 98.7

Particularly valuable picks include Dayton and Ohio State.

Round of 32

March 20

Percentile: 98

March 21

Percentile: 94.8

Particularly valuable picks include West Virginia and Utah.


SmartBracket’s performance in small pools

SmartBracket™ is designed to perform well in small local and office pools. SmartBracket™­ entered two such pools in 2015: the public Beat SmartBracket group with 9 contestants (see below), and a private group with 14 contestants. While we expect SmartBracket™ to win small pools often, we do not expect SmartBracket™ to win every year. SmartBracket takes calculated risks to increase its chance of winning pools. This year, SmartBracket™ took several calculated risks, including choosing Gonzaga to win the East Region over popular favorite Duke, and choosing undervalued popular favorite Kentucky to win the tournament. Although SmartBracket™ did not win either small pool this year, we applaud SmartBracket™ for its bold choices and look forward to entering several small pools again in 2016!

Beat SmartBracket Group

We congratulate “Bae Made these picks” for winning the 2015 Beat SmartBracket group! The Beat SmartBracket group can be found on the ESPN Tournament Challenge here.


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