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Our software harnesses the power of recursive methods, which are designed to model large complex decision problems in the same way humans do. We have identified a number of resources to help you explore what recursive methods are and how they work.


About Recursive Methods

Recursive methods are designed to evaluate future risks and opportunities by breaking large and complex problems (such as sequential decision problems) into a series of smaller, more addressable problems. This unique approach makes recursive methods more robust and more powerful than traditional methods for solving complex decision and valuation problems.

Visit the About Recursive Methods page to learn more.

Sequential Decision Problems

Sequential decision problems are a set of complex problems, in which conditions evolve over the course of time, where a person has the opportunity to make such decisions periodically, and where each period’s decision affects future conditions.

Visit the Sequential Decision Problems page to learn more.

Comparison To Traditional Methods

Our Toolbox utilizes breakthrough recursive methods to solve sequential decision problems. They have also been approached by some common methods such as discounted cash flows, decision trees, and Monte Carlo simulations that were not designed to handle such complex problems.

Visit the Comparison to Traditional Methods page for more information on the differences in methods.

Technical Papers

Our technical papers demonstrate the application of recursive methods to real world problems. These papers are free to download and can be distributed in their entirety, provided the copyright notice is maintained on each document.

Visit the Technical Papers page to learn how recursive methods can be applied to valuation, business, military, and economic decisions among others.

Books and Other Resources

Recursive methods have been discussed by leading academics since the 1950s. Our Books and Other Resources page contains links to many of these important works, as well as recently-published materials that you may find helpful while getting started with the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. Please let us know if you use the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox in any published research; we would be happy to reference it here.

Guide to Recursive Models

This guide introduces concepts of sequential decision problems, and the recursive approach to such problems. It also presents a rich set of such models that represent common decision problems, and which have already been composed into models that can be immediately solved by the Rapid Recursive® Toolbox. You can download the guide from our Books and Other Resources page.


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